Sunday, 18 January 2009

I Like Birds: fashion accessories, jewellery

Be prepared to fight your way through the adoring crowds if you want to peek at the treasure trove that is the I Like Birds stall. Each member of this trio specialises in a different discipline: sewing, enamel and jewellery-making.

In just three years, they've managed to get their work into retailers across the UK including the Red Door Gallery (Edinburgh) and Stiffkey Stores (Norfolk). Treating yourself to their designs won't break the bank either - two pairs of earrings for a tenner, a necklace for £15 or a scrabble letter ring for a fiver (I had to fight the urge to re-arrange these into rude words).

"We met when we were working with a jewellery designer and it was pretty tough to make a living back then. But we've since managed to find a balance between creativity and pricing that makes our work affordable but also allows us enough of a margin to support ourselves."

Names: Buddug, 25 (left), Emma, 25 (right) and Jessie, 29
From: Columbia Road, Shoreditch
Are: fashion accessory and jewellery designers

The trio's work can be found in stores across the UK. Check out Emma's website here, Jessie's here and Buddug's here. Catch them at their I Love Birds stall on Saturdays at Broadway Market in Hackney or at the Sunday Upmarket at Brick Lane on Sundays.


  1. I wish I'd known about these at Christmas...! They're beautiful... Can you give me an indication of prices? Ta!

  2. Oh, sorry, you did give an indication of prices...! It's very early in the morning. I shall be looking out for these soon then...

  3. its actually - the link is for someone else!