Monday, 4 May 2009

Urban Cross Stitch: graffiti-inspired cross stitch kits

When Banksy first launched on to the graffiti scene (let me think, going by boys haircuts, this is pre-mullet, pre-Hoxton fins even. I think the period was actually called the 'buddha' and Maharishi-wearing students ruled the clubs), many scoffed at his eye-catching work and thought 'That's not graffiti! That's just lazy. Give me a joke, a stencil and a couple of spray cans and I'll do one of those' - and many did, but most thought better of it and expressed their rebellious creative desires through more legal means. Like tattoos.

Well, Urban Cross Stitch takes the anti-establishment-ism inside of us, wraps it up in chintz and offers it a nice milky cup of tea and some freshly-made scones. Belfast-born Phil Davidson was taught cross stitch by his grandmother and when he moved to London from the US (are you keeping up?) he was disappointed by the lack of creative cross stitch patterns available here and soon ended up creating graffiti-inspired patterns for himself. After gathering a decent following, he quit his job in fashion last June and been focusing on growing the business ever since.

These kits make the perfect gift for friends who want to create some graffiti on walls, but who would rather avoid the risk of being humiliated by being seen sporting frightfully unflattering jumpsuits during community service. Kits start from just £8, while cushions are £15 and bags £20.

Name: Phil Davidson
From: Bow, London
Is: Cross Stitch kit designer
Brand/label: Urban Cross Stitch

Urban Cross Stitch is at Backyard Market on Saturday and Up Market on Sunday. Both of these are either side of Brick Lane. You can also buy kits at the Tate Modern shop, Urban Outfitters and Joy. If you can't get to any of those places, you can order Phil's kits online at his shop here.

Oh and well done Phil for being featured in The Guardian Magazine this weekend!

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