Saturday, 31 January 2009

Lucky Bird: bespoke printing

Sorry for the lack of activity over the last week - we've been away!

We're back now however, and hit Broadway Market in Hackney this morning to see what's happening around there.

We immediately spotted Lucky Bird, a little stall covered in beautiful hand printed greetings cards (£3), leather key rings, wooden 'sticks' (50p) which make excellent bookmarks and very cool (and very now) recycled shopping bags (£15) made from old market sacks.

Lucky Bird has been on Broadway Market for four years. Everything is hand printed using inks and hot foils on recycled materials.

"It's a great way to test the market and I love meeting the other traders. Although not when it's too cold!"

Name: Kim Jenkins, 42
From: Kingsland Road, Hackney
Is: Graphics, printing
Brand/label: Lucky Bird

You can find Kim's gorgeous creations on Broadway Market on a Saturday and in Liberty, Magma, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Yorkshire Sculpture Park and the Barbican. If you would like to find out more, you can contact Kim at

1 comment:

  1. i think she has her cards in my friend's shop (Stella Blunt) on Broadway Market too!
    i have bought a few before, they are so cute!