Sunday, 8 February 2009

Andrea Garland: natural beauty products

Andrea Garland began as an aromatherapist 9 years ago, and first started making her own natural beauty products as presents for clients. Demand soon increased, and necessity being the mother of invention, her collection of vintage tins seemed an obvious and beautiful solution to the question of what to put her luxurious balms in.

Her collection ranges from rose body and lip balms (including scents for men), an anti-inflammatory ginger muscle soother, all housed in unique vintage tins and pots, as well as face creams for different skin types. As someone a bit wary of all things alternative and patchouli related, I was really impressed with the subtle and lovely smells on offer. Andrea also offers a cost-effective, eco-friendly and just brilliant refill service, costing roughly half the price of your original purchase. Craft-crunch-tastic.

"I make everything in my kitchen, and just before Christmas things were so busy I drove my husband mad because we couldn't even cook dinner".

Name: Andrea Garland
From: Hackney
Is: Natural beauty products
Brand/label: Andrea Garland

Andrea's beauty products can be found at the Sunday Upmarket off Brick Lane and at Franklin Alvarez on Columbia Road. Occasionally she can also be found at Greenwich Market. More information about her can be found on her website.

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